We share here some topics that can help you quickly understand the difference between the versions:

     The TMC2100 / TMC2130 has stealthChop1 mode, which is not strong enough for many 3D printers.
     The alternative is the spreadCycle mode, which causes most engines to fatigue with 12V power. 24V power is required to prevent loss of power.
     The TMC2208 / TMC2224 has the stealthChop2 mode, which is stronger and designed for 3D printers.
     The TMC2208 / TMC2224 operates in autonomous mode, there is no need to connect SPI wires. There is an optional UART interface supported in Marlin 1.1.7 and RepRapFirmware, but there is no need. (TMC21xx also have autonomous mode)
     The TMC2224 has a stealthChop2 / spreadCycle selection using the MS3 jumper.

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