Blocks One MKII

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The Blocks One MKII is a plug and play reengineered version of the discontinued Blocks One, that was successfully sold for three years. The One MKII is a more robust, smarter, intuitive and more automated 3D Printer, resulting from countless project hours and amazing user feedback.

RepRap PT Agualva/Cacém
RepRap PT Vila Nova de Gaia

Auto Bed Levelling

With two modes of operation, assisted calibration or full auto, never worry again about prints not sticking to the plate.

High Performance Heated Bed

Improved energetic efficiency. 24v power supply, capable of reaching 100° C on the print plate in under 5 minute. Making it easy to print in most exotic materials

Breakout Filament Sensor

Mechanical sensor contained in the extruder block allows to detect a filament run out or filament break making it possible to resume printing and avoid losing any job.

Quieter and Sturdier

Operating noise of only 40-50 dB. CNC machined housing made of a aluminum composite allied with precision stainless steel laser cutted parts, and quiet electronics, due to TMC stepper motor control. 

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Tecnologia Fabricação por filamento fundido
Volume de Impressão (x, y, z) 200 x 210 x 210 mm
Diâmetro do Material 1,75 mm
Resolução da camada Nozzle 0,4 mm: 40-300 mícrons
Velocidade de deslocação 180 mm/s
Plataforma de impressão Prato de vidro 3 mm
Materiais de Impressão PLA, Filamentos de madeira e metal,
Flex, PETG, ABS, Nylon
Diâmetro do nozzle 0,4 mm
Temperatura do Hot End 180–285°C
Tempo de aquecimento do Hot End < 2 min
Tempo de aquecimento plataforma 45º 1,5 min | 90º 4,5 min
Armazenamento do material Suporte de bobina de filamento
Conectividade Cartão SD, USB
Nivelamento da plataforma
de impressão
Auto e Manual - assistida por firmware
Requisitos de energia Entrada: AC 100-240V, 4A, 50/60Hz
Fuse: 2 un. 5x20mm/10A
Dimensões externas da impressora
(incluí tubo Bowden e suporte)
Aprox.40x50x50cm (x,y,z)
Peso 14 Kg
Condições de operação 15 - 30 °C, 10 - 90%
Condições de armazenamento 5 - 35 °C
Firmware Firmware baseado em marlin
Slicer recomendado Cura 3.3.1
Sistemas Operativos Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Tipo de ficheiros para slicer gcode
Stepper drivers X e Y MKS TMC2100
Stepper drivers Z e E A4988
Electrónica MKS Gen 1.4
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