A RepRap

This page was started by Pedro Emanuel - currently a multimedia teacher and project administrator at projetos3d.

After a visit to the 3D Print Show 2014 in the UK he found that most commercial 3D printers are not much different from what Adrian Bowyer invented. Most work with the same system as "Fused Filament Fabrication" (FFF).

Realizing this, Pedro decided to study the process and set up a 3D printer himself.

The creation of this page comes from a series of difficulties he had to overcome to find some parts necessary to assemble the 3D printer in Portugal.

After a series of studies, he decided to share them via the web and this is how the page came about - for anyone who wants to build a 3D printer in Portuguese!

In this site besides exposing the assembly process are also available the necessary parts with their price. The purpose is helping with the improvement of this project in Portugal.

You can also participate in improving the page by submitting your suggestions to mail@reprap.pt.

The REPRAP Brand is responsible for the first major technological evolution of desktop 3D printers and was created by Adrian Bowyer and his team and can be used freely under the GNU General Public License.

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